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Всем привет , меня зовут Алексей и сегодня я хотел бы рассказать пару слов в пользу компании...


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Welcome to our website:
Welcome to Clapodi Forex website

I am Stefan Hendriks, CEO and Company founder of Clapodi Forex Limited, I pledge our company's ceaseless efforts to ensure the safest and most profitable investment offers for customers who have placed their continued trust in Clapodi Forex Limited.

As an investor myself, I dedicate 24/7 of time to my company and all of my employees are investors in Clapodi Forex Limited too. I can guarantee that you will be more than content with the investment results and high profits earned by investing with Clapodi Forex Limited.

Throughout many years our experts have been working in leading companies trading on forex market. However, in 2013 we decided to establish our own personal action team and rapidly became popular. Since then, over one hundred thousand clients have been earning considerable profits with no delays. Many of the company's customers have even become a part of the Clapodi Forex team later being promoted to official company representatives, thus improving their welfare.

Join Clapodi Forex program, get stable profits by investing with us, invite your friends and co-workers, become official representatives and earn even more!

Stefan Hendriks
CEO & company founder
Clapodi Forex Limited

  • Nancy Joan Dinoy
    As always Clapodi Forex always pays me instantly, thank you.
    i like very much Clapodi Forex Ltd.. another successful withdraw :) <3 best bonuses & plans are available only here..
  • Jim Cashatt
    Thank you once again for a problem free withdrawal!! Clapodi Forex is the number 1 investment company on the web today!
    Krasimir Rarov
    Thanks Forexparadise for your honesty and dedications. This is lifechanging opportunity!
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Privacy Policy:
Under no circumstances, Clapodi Forex will disclose personal information of its users or send it to some third parties.

Also we do not send information regarding your profits to local fiscal authorities of your country even having official request from them (we can do it only if you wish). The only information that is displayed publicly is current deposit statistics, which includes deposit's date and time, amount, payment method and username of the investor.

Investor's real name is never shown publicly and is never displayed. Investor is allowed to pick any username except for forbidden ones. If you want to get an ultimate level of confidentiality, we recommend you using cryptocurrencies as main payment method.
Terms & Conditions:
Area of high profit investments always implies having certain risks involved. In most cases, forex brokers are not responsible for actions of their traders.
However, Clapodi Forex has developed a uniquemulti-level insuring systemwhere 7% of all deposited funds are transferred to few large insurance companies. This amount is deducted automatically from our profits and does not affect profits of our investors. The only type of risk that should be taken into account is force majeure that is not linked with brokers' activity, namely natural disasters (flood, fire, hurricane etc.). Users involved in harmful activity against Clapodi Forex can get their accounts blocked with no prior notification. Invested money is to be returned to their owners with exception of charges for compensation of damage caused to Clapodi Forex. Account blockage is a rare situation and it is a radical measure used in exceptional cases.

All money invested by clients of Clapodi Forex is insured.